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There will be a cover charge of $2.00 for each person commencing 1 hour prior to the start of any live band.

TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION POST 262, BIGLERVILLE, PAST AND PRESENT, WHO ARE OR HAVE BEEN IN THE MILITARY, LIVING OR DECEASED, (I know I am going to need some help from Family and Friends for this one.)  I am asking you to give me a 4X6 picture of yourselves in your military uniform with your Name, your Branch of Service and the years your were in the Service to be displayed in an Album and kept in our archives at Post 262 forever " I Hope".  I welcome it and I thank you for any help anybody can give me.  You may give them to me or leave the picture and information at the bar in an envelope with my name on it. 
Thank You For God and Country, Bob Mallette.